Thank you everyone for my handicap van

Thank you everyone for my handicap van

Bubba is back. Bubba is the name I gave to my handicap van. He’s a big boy so Bubba seemed fitting. Turned out it only needed a battery. Good to know that even as the battery dies the ramp still works. Well $200 later he is fixed, sort of. The back sensors that were installed when I bought the car aren’t working. I asked the place that was fixing the car to fix those too but they can only be fixed by the factory that installed them. Well that’s in another state and a problem for me. I wrote to the guy that sold me the van. I mean truly, I’ve had this van for 10 months. It is a 2016 with just over 22k. It has already been towed twice to a shop. A little ridiculous. I’m still waiting on an answer from my seller but in the meantime Bubba is back.

Just in time because my Zoey has to go to the vet. About a week ago she was playing with her ball and went sliding into my front door. Since then every once in a while she won’t put the weight down on her back leg and hop along for a little. Then she’d be right back to running around the house, jumping on the couches, jumping up on her back legs etc. I kept waiting and watching thinking she’d stop since other than these little moments she seemed fine. However here we are over a week and she’s still doing it. I wrote to her vet and she said that this isn’t good we need to see her. So she is going to the vet later. I’ve touched the whole leg many times she doesn’t seem to be in pain anywhere. I hope I didn’t do something horrible waiting.

I also seem to still have those blisters under my breast going on. I’ve must of had them come without even feeling them because you can see the scarring where they were and actually count the spots. I too need to go back to the doctor. However last night I had one I actually saw pop and it was a clear liquid not a pus like I had after my Rituxan infusion. Now I don’t know what this really was. Allergic reaction to Rituxan Blisters on breast.

Luckily Bubba is back to transport everyone everywhere. This car was my gateway to having a life and independence. If I haven’t thanked all the people who helped me get it lately I want to once again take this opportunity to say thank you. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be driving this van if it wasn’t for the help of the many people that donated. Every time I drive Bubba it is a reminder of the goodness of people and the generosity that they showed. I am forever thankful and grateful.

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