Scary MS symptom strikes again

Scary MS symptom strikes again

I wrote a text to my mom at 5:38 that said I almost choked to death, I’m still shaking. I was certainly grateful to be able to write the text and happy to be able to write this blog. I was eating a sugar free Swedish fish and a small piece went down my throat and got stuck. I wasn’t able to cough it out at first and wasn’t able to breathe. I can’t say what happened because it was too small to block my airway but it just went down wrong. I finally sat myself upright and flipped myself over and somehow that small piece moved. It was so scary. My little dog Zoey sat in front of me and barked she knew something was wrong. I was gasping for air. I was shaken to the core.

I couldn’t cough. I am not even sure how I choked. I just know it isn’t the first time. I had a similar scary experience before with my weakened chest muscles due to my MS. It is no joke and it is scary. I’ve been aware of this issue for a while and I’m very careful when I eat and what I eat. This was just one of those incidents that I wasn’t prepared for and it was was bad.

I have one of those breathing things to strengthen the chest muscles but i haven’t used it in a little bit. My bad.

I will have to start this again immediately. It is really no joke and so scary but I’m here to tell the tale so I am thankful and blessed. Another lesson learned.

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