A different kind of spiritual experience

A different kind of spiritual experience

I’m staring off at the water watching the sun glint and sparkle. There is one boat making tiny ripples.

It seems warm today a very light breeze and I happily opened my windows again. This is just my favorite time of day, especially a weekend day. No one is around it’s just me and the dogs. My home is quiet and it is balance by the quiet outside except for the occasional car. It is just so peaceful.

I’ve taken a time off from A Course in Miracles after completing my third year. I’ve even taken a break from meditation which I’ll start again with the new 21 day experience with Deepak beginning in November. This is my spiritual moment. These quiet times when I’m just present in the beauty of the world that is outside my window.

My spiritual practice never really is put aside. I have created a new way for my thinking and thoughts to evolve. I just don’t start each day with a lesson in A Course of Miracles because I live those thoughts most days. I’m just living life trusting what I’ve learned. Sometimes you just need a break from the learning and need to live. That’s where I am.

I will always return to A Course in Miracles because that is my core belief system. I will also absolutely begin meditation again because I love the space it holds. I have Gabby Bernstein’s new book Super Attractor on my table to be read. These are all things I have made a part of my life and spiritual journey. However I’m taking a break from them. Doesn’t mean I’m not still on my journey, just getting inspiration from other things. As I write in the quiet morning I look once again to the water. Today that is more peaceful than a 20 minute meditation.

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