Handicap Van going to shop…

Handicap Van going to shop…

I got in my car yesterday turned the key and nothing happened. The radio worked, my lift comes out, the lights on the dashboard come on but the car doesn’t start. Thinking the battery we gave it a jump and tried and tried and finally the car turned over. Phew. I really didn’t want to miss mahjong. I even turned the car off and on briefly to make sure we were good to go and we were. Off I went.

I played a lousy four hours or so of mahjong. A lot of great hands and no wins. Very frustrating. Got in my car to go home, car wouldn’t start. WTF!!! Again radio was on, ramp was down, lights all working but car wasn’t. I got another jump that again took some time but I got the car started again. Phew. I went right home. Now I was praying I’d get home safe. I’m happy to say I did.

When I got into my condo I immediately called my roadside assistance to set up for a tow to my repair shop first thing this AM. They are coming shortly but will have to jump the car again to get it out of my parking lot and maneuver it onto the flatbed. I won’t have a car for at least 3-4 days.

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