Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween today and unfortunately it is a rainy day here in NY. Not ideal trick or treating weather for kids. I live in a building so any kids that live here can come and ring the door bell for some candy staying dry and filling up their goody bag but no outsiders can come. This is such a fun holiday that gets out of control when your a teenager. I remember getting candy as well as having massive shaving cream fights with the boys in the neighborhood. We’d be a disgusting sight by the end of the night. It was more fun when my daughter was young and we took her around. Ok maybe fun wasn’t the right word, cute is a better fit. She had some great Halloween costumes but they are all in picture format since it was prior to our digital phone age.

It was fun to break out the photos to pull all these out and take a trip down memory lane. The last two, the honey pot, she actually never went trick or treating. She threw a first class temper tantrum that was enough to rattle any parents to the core. She finally fell asleep in the car and we went to visit my aunt down the block. Thankfully Mikayla got candy there when she woke up.

This was a fun blog for me. I hope everyone out there has a happy Halloween and either is remembering past days or making new memories.

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