Wednesday update

Wednesday update

First an update from the blisters and Rituxan Blisters and Rituxan. Doctor wants me to start washing all my clothes in free and clear detergents. I really could have called that one. She wants to rule out allergic reaction to any detergent regardless how long I’ve been using it. I get that understandable but the bras I’ve been wearing lately are actual bras. Like with the clasp bras. Bras I gave up on years ago because my hands can’t do the clasp can’t imagine the same detergent used as I’m using now but ok, I’ll make the change. She prescribed a topical cream for anti-inflammation and recommend a dermatologist. Her final conclusion was that these blisters are still somehow related to an allergic reaction and Rituxan is NOT off the list and the list is very short. Now it’s a matter of management possibly as opposed to why. Fabulous!!!

On a better note, I had my hair done yesterday. I needed that. Beautiful color, awesome cut. Got to spend the night with my mom which I love to do. It is always a long night but we still have a lot of laughs too. I’d take a picture but it is too early in the morning and I am both covered in dog hair and without makeup. I feel that the picture won’t do the hair justice. We were going to take one yesterday evening but I have so many pictures of me in my hair salon people have asked me if I’m a hairdresser.

So today is Wednesday and I get to go downstairs with my group of other non working people and play games. Last week was trivial pursuit which was fun. This week might be Yahtzee. Happy hump day to all.

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