Cut the anchor of your past

Cut the anchor of your past

I was watching old episodes of Sex in the city last night as I went to bed and heard such a great analogy about the past. The past is an anchor pulling you down and until you release that anchor you can’t float up to the person you’re supposed to be. I may have paraphrased slightly, it was 3am, but you get the message. I thought that was pretty profound and completely true. I probably didn’t pay much attention the first five times I’ve seen this episode because I never looked at life like that but now I do. Who knew you could find inspiration from an episode of Sex in the City.

The past is the past. Nothing you do can alter any part of that. Should of, could of, would of doesn’t matter unless you’re applying it to a lesson for the future. So many people, including myself, live their lives in the past. Having a chronic illness I tend to do that. Reliving times I could walk or dance. There is many times I think I wish I started eating healthier or taking vitamin D earlier. With my MS I can give you a list a mile long of things I wish I did differently. I can get very wrapped up in the should of and would ofs of my past both with my MS and other aspects of my life. It took a lot of patience and mind training for me to start letting this stuff go. I’ve come to accept my present more than dwell on my past. I’ve cut my anchor free and as a result I am happier today disabled and single then I ever was well and in a relationship of any kind. I still have moments, I am far from perfect, but they have become fewer and fewer each day.

It seems so difficult and it really isn’t. However what it does require is patience and that is what makes it difficult for people. Living life in the present, letting the past go is liberating. Free yourself from the anchor that’s pulling you down. You can NEVER change your past but you can ALWAYS change your future. Take a breath and cut the cord.

4 thoughts on “Cut the anchor of your past

  1. Jamie, this message is so profound and true! It’s so liberating to release ourselves from the past. Thanks for sharing this message–I needed it today 🙂

  2. Hi i have ms and been in so much pain for over a year thanks for your analogy it has really put a smile ? on my face

    1. I know from my own experience how difficult it can be. I get worse everyday but I learned more recently in life to let it go and focus on the positive things. I’m glad I was able to make you smile. I hope you can smile everyday through the pain.

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