With everything that changes, somethings don’t change

With everything that changes, somethings don’t change

I was watching Footloose last night. Nothing like a good 80’s flick. However I still love a lot of the songs on this soundtrack. Like during the tractor scene where they play chicken. The song Holding Out for a Hero https://youtu.be/3GPZDX9_2oE. Love that!!! When Kevin Bacon is doing his big gymnastics/dance routine in the warehousehttps://youtu.be/AqNUiqxDXxg. I think my favorite is the one towards the end when they find out they can put on the dance https://youtu.be/SOGKLMKg8Lw I’m Free, Heaven Helps the Man. I owned this soundtrack on a cassette tape, remember those, or am I completely dating myself? Well I’m talking about a movie from 1984 which was 35 years ago. I use to have a boom box

That sat right next to my bed. I played music every night to go to sleep. I wore out so many cassette tapes. That was surprisingly easy to do. Actually the worst was when they’d get caught and the whole tape pulled out. I remember all too well the painstaking time it took trying to wind the tape back and without it twisting. CD’s don’t unwind like that but they certainly scratch easily. Every night I listened to music. Now I listen to the TV. I don’t like music because I sing it in my head and I don’t fall asleep. This movie just brought back all those memories of being back in my room, as a kid, listening to the soundtrack of Footloose. Dated or not, I still loved this movie as much as I did back in 1984. Some things don’t change.

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  1. I love cassette tape,and vacuum tube amplifiers,you got to see wheels turning and tubes glowing.a great experience.

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