Changing your life starts with you, a spiritual journey

Changing your life starts with you, a spiritual journey

I have spent a few years now learning to look inward for my own happiness and my own mistakes. It has taken me time and tears to learn and forgive others, whom I falsely blamed, until I learned to accept and forgive myself. My spiritual journey wasn’t an easy journey but it was the most worthwhile journey I ever took. That quote up there I believe with all my heart. I don’t hesitate or doubt. I know that it isn’t others who can hurt me or make me unhappy. That feeling can only come from somewhere inside of me, from my thoughts and my perceptions. My life now is so much happier than it has ever been and it is all the simple things that make me so grateful.

My sister, who is a children’s music and mindfulness teacher and creator, has released another CD She teaches hundreds of other teachers what it means to be mindful. What it means to be conscious of your thoughts. That you are the sole person responsible for those thoughts. Most importantly she translates how to teach this to a child. She writes her music to help teach children, at a young age, to become mindful of thoughts through song, movements, breath and affirmations. It is amazing to watch kids respond to her music. She is a rockstar to them. You can see more of her on her website hear her on her YouTube channel

It was my sister that helped me get on my spiritual path and she will always be my mentor. Yet she has been questioning her own teacher trainings lately wondering if she is giving these teachers enough to get them on their journey. She has been concerned that she hadn’t done enough and it has been weighing on her mind. I explained to her that even with my journey, you lead me to the road but you can’t walk the road for me. The person has to take the responsibility and step up to make the change. Changing how you think and perceive the world around you after 20,30 or 40 years is not easy. It is work. However once you do the work you could never imagine seeing or thinking any other way. It is sooooooooo much better in the positive light. That I can promise you. However like the teacher learning my sister’s kids movement classes we can only bring you to the road but only you can walk it. I can give you my list of resources but you need to find what works for you.

  1. A Course in Miracles this I read and did the workbook lessons everyday for 3 years straight although it is a lesson a day for 365 days. This changed my life.. they also have an app of the daily lessons I use all thd time.
  2. Gabby Bernstein I’ve read all her books. Took two intense spiritual classes with her. Met her, love her, inspired by her.
  3. Marianne Williamson she really got me started with A Course in Miracles. She is so inspirational and brilliant. I listen to many podcasts of her and she has taught me more in understanding than anyone.
  4. Dr. Wayne Dwyer an inspiration to many of the inspirational speakers out there. He has passed on but still continues to leave us spiritual guidance and growth from books, meditation and talks.
  5. Louise Hay My queen of affirmations.
  6. Deepak Chopra the master of meditation

Those are my most inspirational but there are so many out there that people love. Changing your life starts with you.

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