Marriage & Divorce

Marriage & Divorce

It is a pretty looking day here but I always think that when the sun shines on the water. It isn’t even shining but the sky is adding this pretty yellow hue to the still water. Hard to do it justice from my chair.

I’m excited to share happy news that my beautiful cousin got engaged.

This was such exciting news. I honestly have been waiting for this news from her and her fiancé for a little bit knowing he was going to be the one. Look at that happiness in her face. It just immediately warms your heart. We are all getting together tomorrow night in NYC which worked out perfectly. We can all celebrate as a family. Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Wow the whole sky just opened into complete sunshine as soon as I finished writing that paragraph.

Such a difference hope you can see it.

Ironically, I spoke this morning with my ex-husband. Strange how one text was about their engagement and the text below was to my own ex-husband that we need to talk. There was an issue with our daughter’s dental insurance. I am lucky, I don’t dislike my ex at all. I always wish him happy holidays and birthday and he does the same to me and my family. We don’t talk on the phone often but when we have we can stay on a call for an hour just shooting the breeze, laughing at the old days. He sent me clips of a U2 show he went to because he knows I’m a huge fan, just because he thought of me.

He was 20 when we met, that was a long time ago. I don’t miss being married to him but he financially has done right by his daughter all these years. I give him a lot of credit for that. There are many dads that don’t. It took him more time to realize how great she is but now he puts more effort into their relationship. It makes things so much better for my daughter that we get along. I lived through a divorce where my parents didn’t and it was so hard for me as a child. I always felt torn between them.

It just made me think about things as I congratulated one on the beginning of their life together and I spoke to the one that we ended our time together. Yet I’m sitting here with a smile for both situations. I’m grateful for the life I had with my ex because without him I wouldn’t have my daughter and I would never change a thing about that. I am also smiling because I’m so happy for my cousin and the wonderful road that lies ahead of her. Both beautiful things that bring about a world of happiness.

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  1. Good morning and Happy New Year to you. Congratulations on your cousin’s engagement but also on your sweet-sour realization that, despite all the grief and frustration that a failed relationship entails, you still appreciate a call from your Ex and the father of your child, which is more important. Whatever the circumstances we always have to keep a working relationship with our Ex because we share something much, more important than our individual beings: the marvelous being God Almighty granted us and the certitude that our genetic endowment has been passed on to another generation- no small feat in our troubled, egotistical times. Mazal Tov! By the way, I haven’t seen your gracious presence in my web page lately? What, you don’t like me anymore, eh? Un baccione. Ciao!

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