Next level wheelchair

Next level wheelchair

Friday is here, another quick week. I have plans this evening which will mean I will be in recovery mode all weekend. It doesn’t take much for me to tire out although this wasn’t a terrible week considering all I did. I was out everyday doing activities. That is really big for me. This included my first day back into occupational therapy Dog tired occupational therapy hazard. I was exhausted after that but I was still out for game day on Wednesday in my condo and mahjong yesterday. In therapy we are starting to tackle transfers from my wheelchair to my comfy chair in my living room and my bed. I am not doing things safely and that’s partly because I don’t have the right wheelchair.

This is now the new thing on my MS bucket list: to get more advanced motorized wheelchair. I love my little hoveround but it isn’t advanced enough to do the things I need a chair to do. I need a chair that can go up, down and back. I need a chair that can get over more terrain and still move on a dime. Unfortunately my disability has advanced to a point where I am always in my chair and my hoveround just doesn’t provide the safest means of movement for me. I am forced to often to get up out of the chair to reach things in most places in my home. Each time I’m out of the chair is a risk of me falling. Something that still happens to often.

I met with the wheelchair specialist at my therapy office briefly because my insurance company just got me this wheelchair a year ago. They only provide a new chair every 5 years. I was worried I would have a problem. Thanks to having multiple sclerosis for as long as I have, with documentation from my doctors on my symptoms worsening, which are plentiful, they don’t see any issues. The next step is an appointment to try various chairs to figure out what works best for me. They are booked through March but I am on the cancellation list. The good thing is I’m there every week and everyone knows me. Hopefully I could get in sooner. They do the work to get the approval and the chair.

Another stage of MS needing a more advanced wheelchair. Every time I think I hit a new accommodation step, there always seems to be another one. The new chair will help for those safe transfers that we are working on because those chairs can align with my bed or comfy chair in my living room unlike my hoveround. The new chair are next level wheelchair designed for people mostly confined to a chair. I guess that is now me.

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