Price Gouging

Price Gouging

It is terrible what the market is doing. Since people are scared and buying supplies as if the world is about to end, there are those looking to make a fast buck. I’m sure everyone has seen the price of hand sanitizer, masks or gloves at ridiculous prices on Amazon or eBay. The products are flying off the shelves at the retail stores quicker than they can get shipments.

I am unable to drive from store to store looking for supplies with my disability. Yet I am one of those people in a higher risk category due to my disease modifying drug, Rituxan. I wanted to have something so I purchased the Clorox wipes and 2 bottles of sanitizer on Amazon at inflated prices. The Clorox wipes was a 3 pack that cost me $27. A four pack is normally sold at Target for $6. I wasn’t even so angry at that one, at least they were full size. The hand sanitizer which normally costs $3 a bottle, I paid $21 for 2 bottles. Yet they weren’t full size bottles, they were travel size miniatures that you’d pay $1 for.

I couldn’t even return it because I had no other sanitizer. My aid said just look at it as if someone stole your money. That’s exactly how it feels.

I was reading on of the coronavirus articles yesterday and they talked about price gouging. They gave my local government consumer phone number and email. I decided to write to them. I received an answer back within 30 minutes. They had me fill out a formal complaint form and they are actually taking action. They’ve fined local businesses for price gouging $5,000. As for online they are working with Congress to do something they said. It might not help me but it was nice to be heard. I strongly suggest you contact your local government as well to complain.

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