My daughter school has a positive case of the coronavirus

My daughter school has a positive case of the coronavirus

Well our governor tweeted:

Starting March 19, @CUNY and @SUNY will move to a distance-learning model for the rest of the semester.This will help us reduce density and reduce the spread of this virus. #COVID19

My daughter goes to a SUNY school in Albany and starts her spring break on Monday March 16. She won’t be coming back to classes.

This morning I received a call at 9am from my daughter, who has classes all day today, that classes have been canceled because a student tested positive for the coronavirus. All students were sent out of classrooms. That one student, who resides off campus, still could have been in contact with so many other students it is impossible to contain.

My daughter, who has been pretty Blasé about this virus for awhile now, is out looking for antibacterial soap. She wouldn’t listen before when I tried to tell her to maybe try to find some hand sanitizer earlier last week. She had a cough and her throat hurts a little and doesn’t know if she should go to urgent care to check it out. Talk about a huge shift in perspective on this topic. I told her not to go. Her common colds always have a cough. To go and bombard urgent care with fear of having the virus is not going to help nor would sitting in a waiting room with someone who might actually test positive.

I still don’t know if she’s safer there or at home with me. Long Island where I live has many cases. I know we are just at the beginning and I’m not in panic mode, I just don’t know which option is best. I can’t protect my daughter when she’s three hours away from me but who knows if I could protect her or even myself at home.

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  1. What a dilemma. First, she should not just show up someplace asking to be checked out. Here in the state of CT, there is a hotline we need to call if we think we have symptoms and they will direct us where to go. This is a way to prevent unnecessary overcrowding and exposure. Secondly, you are immunosuppressed, so I’d recommend asking your neurologist about the risks associated with you being exposed. I know I’m gong to do that when I see mine on the 23rd. I would have my son come home in a heartbeat if the show were on the other foot, but I would want to go into it with my eyes open

    1. She isn’t going to urgent care. I don’t want her going and she is just being paranoid. The last thing that urgent cares need. Albany students running in there paranoid.
      I can’t say what is safer. I am immune suppressed we know that. My doctor wants my exposure limited. I just can’t make sure she’s safe when she isn’t with me. She doesn’t want to come home. Other family census thinks for now she should stay. I’m unsure it’s my baby.

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