Rituxan infusion on Sunday

Rituxan infusion on Sunday

I’m a bundle of nerves which is so unlike me. Between my daughter’s school having a positive case of the virus and choosing to let her stay in Albany My daughter school has a positive case of the coronavirus I feel worried. I’m the mom, I’m supposed to protect my kid but instead I’m keeping her away from me, protecting myself. She’d rather be there, thankfully, but I know the decision is also for my own benefit. My daughter will come and go if she’s home. Constantly in and out of the house in contact with many people. The chances of bringing something into the house infecting me increases. With my infusion Sunday that is a concern.

That isn’t my only concern, truthfully not even my main concern with this infusion. I’m really worried over having some type of reaction again like I did six months ago. Rituxan infusion coming upI still don’t know if I picked up a virus that was brought out by the Rituxan infusion or if it was the infusion itself. We never had a definitive answer. I just know that if I have a problem again I will have to change meds and we don’t really have many options left. That to me is just as scary as this coronavirus. This is my real everyday life. I am anxious to get this infusion over and done so I have the answer. I’ve been waiting 6 months for this. I will know on Sunday if I have developed an allergic reaction to Rituxan or if the last infusion was a fluke.

It is really the idea of what are we going to do with my MS treatment that has added to my anxiety. Not that I will have any sense of ease, if I have a reaction, but at least I’ll know. I’ve been on a lot of the disease modifying therapies and I know that what my options are do not seem like a good alternatives. I can only wait the last two days until Sunday and hope that the infusion back in September was a fluke.

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  1. Good luck with your infusion, and I hope you don’t get the virus. Sounds abit too close.

    I’m going on cladribine soon. it’s never good taking the meds, I wish you luck x

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