Knots Landing on the television

Knots Landing on the television

Needing a break from the coronavirus and my upcoming infusion worries, I am always thankful for my Firestick. I have every program imaginable that I can watch just about anything. Lately I started watching Knots Landing. This series ran from 1979-1993. It was an evening soap and a spin off of the soap Dallas.

I started watching both Dallas and Knots Landing as a teenager in the 80’s but Knots was better. However it was also on later and I wasn’t always allowed to stay up. I missed many, many seasons and episodes. I was in college when the last episode aired. I remember asking my mom to tape it on the VCR. Those were the days when you had two or three tapes you would always rewind to tape again and again. She recorded over that final episode. I never got a chance to see it. Thirty years later, I am finally going to be able to see that final episode. I started with season 1 episode 1.

I have to laugh because the show is completely overacted. Some of the arguments are laughable because the acting is so overdone. If there is a fight scene, that’s even funnier, how anyone found this even believable is beyond me. Filming back then isn’t what it is today. They’d have an episode where the husband cheats and the next episode the wife and husband are fine again. One where the woman was raped, next episode everything is back to normal. Slightly unrealistic. You can’t have a soap without tears. They are all the worst criers…it is just entertaining.

What they did master is makeup. This is where smoky eyes began people on these soaps. Other than maybe too much blush sometimes, the makeup was what we all strive for today. If they are using fake lashes they were really good ones not the ridiculous ones I see today. Even the clothes I normally love, 80’s dated or not. The hair is definitely dated. These women were still beautiful so they didn’t have a difficult canvas to work with. The one hot guy takes off his shirt enough, it’s all good. It has definitely occupied my time. Next maybe I’ll try Falcon Crest, another olde I never saw. Have a great weekend.

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