My marshmallow

My marshmallow

I’m very concerned about my Marshmallow.

He is over 11 years old now and lately he’s not eating well. I’ve tried mixing many different things into his food, including his favorite, peanut butter. He might eat a few bites but then walks away. I can get him to eat a little more by feeding him each piece hand by hand. What starts at 8:30!with a 1/2 cup of food sometimes isn’t finished until 2:30. Then it starts all over again for dinner.

It isn’t just the food. He’s been abnormally quiet. Marshy has an annoying habit of barking at every noise he hears. He barks at the dogs walking in the street. He even barks when he plays with Zoey. It is strange to hear the quiet from him. Today my stepdad comes over, and that means I’ll sit on the couch for a little. This way both Marshy and Zoey sit with me. They love to play together when I’m on the couch, this will be a really true sign to see how marshmallow is doing.

I’ve looked at his gums which look nice and pink. He doesn’t seem warm. He’s able to jump up and sit with me on the chair. He gets to his place on the balcony. He uses the steps now to get on the bed. He always sleeps so that’s not unusual.  i’ve contacted his vet and I’m waiting for her to get back to me. I don’t wanna make the wrong call and not take him in to see her, but marshmallow is a big baby. If something was wrong and he was hurting he would be whining. That’s the one thing good thing about him, anytime he’s hurting you know immediately.  i’m just worried. Thankfully I know we ran all of his tests and bloodwork not even a month ago and that was all fine. I think today I’m going to ask my daughter to buy some other dog food and give it a try with him and see if that makes any difference. I’m not ready to say goodbye to him so this can’t be his time yet. 

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