Keep on moving

Keep on moving

I’m recovering from my Sh’bam workout. Have a nice sweat built up and I’m still breathing fast although I’m not out of breath. I’m always looking for new workout programs that I can do to continue to burn some calories while being mostly wheelchair bound. With this workout, from Les Mills, Zumba, and my favorites on Beachbody on demand, they allow me to workout my arms while I bop in my chair. My feet never move. I do get a little bounce going somehow with the help of the arm movements. I am able to break a sweat and get my heart rate up. I’m not in a high range but I’m always striving to find a program that can challenge me more.

Sh’bam is fun but I don’t normally get a high heart rate. I think it is because the songs change and so does the dance. Some dances are just too leg focused and it’s not enough to keep my heart rate elevated the way I have to adapt.

I did much better in a Cize routine from Beachbody. These workouts choreograph one dance per routine. Therefore it is much easier to adapt a move to my disability

Big difference. Plus I was able to get my heart rate up much higher. It wasn’t just because this workout was longer, it was because this workout was the same dance over and over. Much easier to modify that way.

Both Beachbody and Les Mills are streaming apps that I pay for but there are so many on you tube for people with disabilities. I really need to find one to use for strength and muscle workouts because these have become difficult to adapt. Unfortunately my arms cannot go over my head or straighten well. I worry about form. This is why I think I need a structured disability class, not one I’m trying to modify. There are many on YouTube and I listed a few. arm exercises abs and core exercises simple seated exercises

I’ve done, at various times, exercises videos with all three of these trainers. I liked them all. It’s time for me to add them back into my week as well. As far as cardio, I’m always looking for something new, but I also love the ones I have.

As always keeping on the move as much as I can!!!!!

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