Celebrating Flag Day

Celebrating Flag Day

So I goofed and I thought Father’s Day was yesterday. I never looked at a calendar. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, just assumed Father’s Day followed the same protocol for June. I sent my dad an e-card (he received his present already). My stepdad celebrated by my sister upstate and then was having dinner by me. I even wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day ending my blog on Saturday. Week ahead. It wasn’t until I called my dad to wish him good tidings did I find out. I was greeted by laughter because it seems my little sister in California did the exact same thing. My little sister who could be my twin because we think alike in so many ways and do things similar we were nicknamed Jamie West ( that’s her on the west coast) and Alyssa East (me on the East Coast). Not only was it funny that the mistake was made, it was funny both of us made the mistake and called within minutes of each other to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Day.

I just never even looked at a calendar. I told my dad don’t expect another card with witty banter, I may have outdone myself in the wrong week. This was definitely a first for me. However I did find out it was Flag day so we were able to celebrate that instead. My mother actually wished her brother a happy Fathers Day, he loves things to laugh at her about so I’m sure I gave him months worth of giggles. I should explain that my mom just is going deaf and I said flag day not Father’s Day. Lol. All in all it made for some very good laughs. Love my family no matter what day it is.

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