This is going to be a good week

This is going to be a good week

I have so many good things happening this week I am so excited for each day. Let’s start with today. I’m getting my new wheelchair today at 3:30. What makes this one totally different is that this is a true chair for a disabled person NOT just a motorized wheelchair. This chair will have the ability to move my position in the chair forward and back. We also paid extra for the ability to go up and down. I’m not in one position when I sit which was always the cause of me being crippled if I sat in my chair for too long. It will also help make transferring easier. I’m also hoping for less wall accidents because I can’t afford to keep repairing holes in the walls.

Tomorrow we are picking up Minx. I can’t say enough how excited I am for this. can’t wait. Look at this nugget!!! In about 26 hours we will be holding him.

Thursday is another big day. First is a vet visit for Minx. My vet has known all my dogs and they are excited to meet Minx too. They never saw a panda pug. Leave it to me to be original. The trainer is also coming. She will work with both Zoey and Minx.

Friday is a little more selfish. I am getting my hair cut and colored. I desperately need both especially after my straightening. I need some style again. A haircut is long overdue.

It is a good week. I think Wednesday is the best day. I’m so excited for Minx but each day has good things. Yippee ?

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