New wheelchair OMG!!!

New wheelchair OMG!!!

I had no idea. No wonder I couldn’t sit in my wheelchair for any length of time, it had no functions other than to move forward and back. This new chair is high tech. I could literally adjust it so I am completely laying down. In a wheelchair!!!! There is just no comparison. I went from this

To this:

I even have neat lights in the front and the back so people could see me at night. I can lift myself up that in the seat I’m as tall as my daughter. I could reach things in the refrigerator or my cabinets. Plus it’s comfortable, I wouldn’t mind sitting in it all day. The cushion seat and back, it’s all super padded. The ONLY thing, it’s much bigger than my other chair and doesn’t turn the same. After I just fixed my mirror from the last mishap with my chair


I turned and the footrest got caught on the mirror. I’ve lived in my condo 2 1/2 years never had a problem with these doors and within 3 weeks I broke both of them. If I wasn’t so annoyed, I’d laugh.

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