Minx was brought home

Minx was brought home

This was so excited. This little nugget. He was giving kisses the second we took him in our arms.

He is just this tiny mush ball.

He hadn’t gone to the bathroom since he boarded the plane over 3 hours before. Thought for sure he’d pee on my daughter. He didn’t. We made a stop to visit family and he pooped outside. He’s 8 weeks. That’s impressive. When we got home I showed him the wee wee, and Minx did his wee wee. In fact he did it every time. He has one accident on my floor before bedtime which I blame on my daughter’s impatience not Minx. Every time I got up to use the bathroom I took him out to use the bathroom. He had a dry, clean crate this morning. 8 weeks old, amazing. He did cry a lot in the crate so it wasn’t the most restful night, but he’s very cute. Zoey doesn’t agree yet, hopefully in time.

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