A picture wall for Marshy

A picture wall for Marshy

Last night Minx got in my closet and walked out with one of my shoes. The shoe probably weighed half as much as he did. It made me think of my Marshmallow who used to greet me at the door and would always grab one of my shoes. In my apartment I had steps. we were constantly looking for one of my shoes before I went out. There was always one downstairs and one upstairs. If there were no available shoes at the door for him to grab, he used to try to grab them off my feet either as I was taking them off or before When we moved to the condo, I never kept shoes by the door. He never knew what to grab to greet me with. He would grab what was around but it was never the same. I miss that boy.

I have my painting of Boomer in my living room and I want something for Marshmallow. I just am not going to put it in the living room. I think Marshy needs to be in my bedroom. I want to find the right picture, or pictures and either blow up one or do those tile like photos. Like Mix tiles https://www.mixtiles.com/. This way I can do a cute collage of many pictures of Marshy. I like the idea of that. I can then continue with the tiles for each of my dogs.

Boomer was my first dog I ever owned. When I lost him, I was devastated for months. He was also the first dog I lost. I was blogging at the time so you can look back to December 26th, 2016 forward and read about my heartbreak. I was heartbroken with my Marshmallow but I definitely handled it better. Although my grief was helped significantly by getting a new puppy.

Marshmallow brought a smile to my face everyday and I want to create a happy reminder of him. My bedroom in my condo is like my childhood. It has my U2 pictures and my Humpty Dumptys. It has my big bed with my comfy blankets. It is my Jamie retreat. Boomer and Marshmallow’s ashes are both in my room. That is the right place for my Marshy picture wall. Now the fun part is deciding which pictures to choose.

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