My Saturday morning ritual

My Saturday morning ritual

It seems like I’m gonna have a new ritual on Saturdays: work out then put on F1 practice runs while blogging. I am so happy I got my money back from the F1 TV pro upgrade because this dope over here gets all the races on ESPN either live or on demand anyway. I could just watch my F2 races at some other point during the week with my basic F1 TV plan. I like to see the up and coming F1 drivers. This sport is still really new to me but I am loving watching. It is definitely my favorite thing on TV.

My dogs have a ritual too. They keep themselves busy while I work out but as soon as I’m finished and back in my comfy chair, both of them jump up for their nap.

They are both doing well. Getting along great. Minx loves to play how Zoey always wanted Marshmallow to play. He never did. Zoey has a playmate that does tug-of-war and chasing. She’s getting much more activity then she has had in the last year. Maybe it will help keep her weight down. Minx is great too. Super puppy is sleeping in my bed already not even 3 months old. He goes the night without peeing but is up by 6am. I usually put him in his crate for an hour so I could sleep a little longer. Other than normal teething issues he is a good boy. He is doing great with the trainer but doesn’t understand the command yet without the treats.

We have a very hot weather forecast in NY for the next few days. Not that I was going anywhere but the warning has been issued. I’ve been successfully hiding so far this summer. NY seems to have the coronavirus under control but I wonder if it is just a matter of time. I rather continue to be safe. There is no where I need to be especially in this heat. I hope everyone has a very enjoyable and safe weekend. Whatever you do find time to smile.

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