Titan Games

Titan Games

I got the new streaming app, Peacock, yesterday and in my browsing I ended up watching Titan Games. Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, these people that are absolute beasts compete in these crazy physical games. Each time I thought I’d watch one more game and find something else. The next thing I know I’m watching one more etc. My daughter comes home from work and is like what are you watching? Yet she started watching with me until she went out.

I think these people are amazing. I started talking to my daughter about physical fitness while we were watching the show. I wish I got to physical fitness earlier. I started working out after my divorce. I was 35 years old at that time. My inspiration was actually from the Biggest Loser. At first I started with the purchase of an elliptical. I made a promise to myself that the elliptical would never be used as a closet to throw my clothes over. I was good with the elliptical but what really changed my fitness happened a few years later. That was Beachbody. https://www.beachbody.com.

I started with their various videos by Chalene Johnson and Shaun T. I was working out 5 days a week every week without exception. Then someone told me about P90X from Tony Horton. She was doing his program but didn’t think I could do it with my multiple sclerosis. I went right to the website and bought the program that day. I had to put up a pull up bar and get weights. I was determined to do this program.

To this day the original P90X is still my favorite workout program. This program changed my fitness. It was so hard but that’s what I loved the most. I just always wished I got into fitness earlier. I was probably 37 by this point. My relapse that disabled me happened when I was about 43. In the beginning I was still able to modify these hard weight workouts but unfortunately now I am not. I use to say if I didn’t have MS I would have been a fitness nut. Maybe in another life. That’s why I was so entranced watching this show yesterday. These men, but especially these women, were so incredible to watch. MS or not I would probably never be that fit. However, I found each of them inspiring.

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