Another beautiful view

Another beautiful view

I just finished working out. I’m back on my chair gazing out my windows looking at the sparkling water. I sometimes envy those people on the boats. Especially the ones I see coming fast in the open water before they have to slow down for the channel. I remember vividly how that breeze feels as you fly across the water even though it’s been ages since I’ve been on that type of boat. I also remember vividly how it feels when it rocks back and forth when it’s not even moving. That movement was better than any sleeping pill on the market. Sometimes when I get lost in my gaze, that’s where I am. I’m once again on the water rocking back and forth and I go into a meditative state. I forget I’m writing a blog.

The pictures never do the view justice. I think I had four other topics to write about today but I got lost in my view. I am pretty sure astrologically I am a Fire sign yet water makes me so calm. However, as I wrote that line, I thought about how often I would sit at my sister’s and stare at the fireplace for hours.

For today, once again, is another blog about my view. I am just so happy to live where I do. This just makes me so grateful everyday.

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