To Ollie, my Aunt and Uncle

To Ollie, my Aunt and Uncle

There were so many things I could write about today. I’m going to my doctor for an actual neurological check up. But my heart is still heavy because over the last week, two people who are very big dog lovers like me, had to say goodbye to their dog. I wrote about the one last week who is my blogging friend. This week it was my Aunt and Uncle who said goodbye to Ollie.

Let me first explain my relationship with my aunt. My aunt lived a couple of blocks away from me for about 20 years. When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it was really as soon as I moved so close to her. She never, ever took her eyes off me from that day on. It wasn’t that we had a bad relationship at all, but our relationship became much closer. At some point it wasn’t due to the proximity of our houses, because we wouldn’t see each other all that much, but our relationship got so much closer with each passing year. She knew me as well as I knew myself. She was on the other end of a call for many tears and many challenges I faced over the years. She was always willing to help in anyway she could as was my Uncle. I might not have said it to them enough but I thank both of them for the support they gave me for all those years they lived a few blocks away. I thank them still for the support they still give me even though we are now separated by many towns. My aunt and uncle like me were very attached to their dog.

When my aunt called to tell me they had to put Ollie down, I did break down as she knew I would. As she did months before when I lost my Marshmallow. I just understood her sadness and that’s why I broke down. The sadness of saying goodbye to a pet is so difficult even when you know it’s time. My heart broke for them because I know the feeling all too well. When I hung up I looked at Zoey and Minx and said it isn’t fair you expire so early. I dedicate this blog to Ollie and all the beautiful dogs over the rainbow bridge. With heavy hearts we say goodbye but with full hearts we loved every day you touched our lives.

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