Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Good morning and happy Friday to everyone. I have to be honest I kicked my own ass this morning working out and I’m still huffing and puffing. Felt good to push myself this morning. I was feeling rested and knew there wasn’t much on my plate for today.

It is another gloomy day in NY. I’m thankful that there is nothing I need to do today. This was a long week and I’ve had enough. I miss my tv time. Lol. Sadly there is no formula 1 this weekend so I am slightly bummed. I’m not really into any show right now. I have a million things I could watch just nothing I want to start. I’m in the phase of watching shows I don’t have to think about yet have a ridiculous level of entertainment like the Real Housewives. I’m all caught up on all my Bravo shows. I think I’ve cleaned out the entire documentary series list that appeal to me. Those are really my favorite. I’m also tired of the true crime series stuff they get repetitive after a while. I guess I may be in a little bit of a TV rut. I still have the last season of the Affair, Billions, Goliath and many others, all good things, just don’t feel like watching any of them. Eventually I’ll start, but right now I’m still into the mindless entertainment. Oh well I’ll find some thing to keep myself busy. I always do. 

That sums up my day. Hope everybody has a wonderful day themselves. Hope everybody has wonderful plans for the weekend. Mostly, I hope everybody feels terrific.

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