Tests. Doctors, tests, doctors and more appointments

Tests. Doctors, tests, doctors and more appointments

I already received a call from my doctor this morning, MRI showed no new activity and my normal MS abnormalities. Exactly as expected. Like I said yesterday in my blog I haven’t shown anything on my MRI in years. I continue to get worse because I’m secondary progressive MS. Read the post on Dr. Krieger’s pool theory for further explanation. https://multipleexperiences.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=5174&action=edit. Well at least that’s done for the year.

I also made an appointment to have a sonogram done on my kidneys. This script was given to me by the urologist when I went to discuss the Botox for the bladder. When I made the appointment they told me I need to drink 32 ounces of water 1 hour before the sonogram. Can we take a minute to think about this please….I went to the doctor regarding urinary incontinence and the test i need has me drinking a HUGE amount of water and holding it in. Anyone else see a problem with the scenario? I might be able to get water down a time it close to my bladder limit but the phrase “holding it in” does not apply here. This test might prove to be very difficult to pass.

I’m behind on all my testing and doctor appointments due to Covid as I’m sure many people are. I need to see the lady doctor and have my mammogram. The mammogram is what is the real priority. I don’t like to put that one off. I have my physical set up with my primary doctor which took me 2 months to get, she can certainly write the script to get that test done. I probably can get it done at the same place I did my MRI and where I’m doing the kidney sonogram. It is a big place and very close to my home. Extremely convenient. I’ve finally figured this part out that I can make my life easier with doctors and places closer to home.

I’m eventually getting everything done. Slowly but it’s getting done. Other than a dermatologist and a podiatrist appointment, I’m getting there. Hopefully by the end of 2020, I’ll see them all and all my tests will be done. Just in time for the next year. Just love getting older with a chronic disease, so fun.

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  1. I so get it! I have had MS for 19 years. RR for the first 12 or so years and now SP. Over all of the years both RR & SP my MRI’s never once showed any thing new or different nor did they show any activity even when I was having a relapse and using the dye contrast, hum go figure and so frustrating. Did I also mention that I have had Type-1 Diabetes for 46 years. Between Doctors Appointments, Labs, MRI’s, Support Groups, PT, and having to constantly deal with Health Insurance Companies there is no time to work even if I possibly could.

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