MRI Today

MRI Today

Today I have a very long MRI. It is of the brain, cervical and thoracic spine with and without contrast. I would say this is probably at least my 22nd MRI since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over 22 years ago. I am no stranger to these tests. I have actually had numerous life epiphanies during my MRIs over the years. One was when I decided I wanted to be a bookkeeper/accountant. I started to look in the papers for job openings. I ended up interviewing at a nursing home down the block from my house. I stayed with this company for 13 years until my MS worsened and I became too disabled to work anymore. However my career change happened in a MRI meditation I go into every time. The sounds that the machine makes, where extremely loud, are highly repetitious and it is like a chant. I go into what I say is a MRI trance. I’ve had both life epiphanies and great meditations during my many MRIs.

However on the medical side, my MRI hasn’t shown anything different in many years. I was always doing my test at the exact same place for simple comparison year to year and there hasn’t been any new activity. This year I requested to take the test closer to my home. I have my prior MRI for comparison. Once in the 22 years I had MS did I go to a different facility for my yearly MRI and my doctor wasn’t happy with the film and report. This was many years ago when my MS was still showing activity on the scans. Hopefully this comparison won’t be an issue.

Even though I have no activity I continue to get worse. This was explained so well in a seminar I went too with Dr Steven Krieger. It’s called the pool theory and I have a whole blog dedicated to it. I’m expecting the same thing on my scans today that there is no change. I’m worse because of secondary progressive MS as explained by Dr Krieger’s pool theory. That is the MS stage I’m at and have been for many years now. However I don’t mind the tests because even though they are long, you never know what life altering epiphany might happen.

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