Cold outside and I’m sweating….

Cold outside and I’m sweating….

It’s 48 degrees out and I’m in a complete sweat. I haven’t even worked out yet because I have therapy this morning. I am sitting around waiting for my therapist. I have opened my windows but the breeze wasn’t enough, I just turned on my fan. I’m dressed in a thin pant and a t-shirt. WTF!!!! I just got a call my therapist is running late, thank goodness. Hopefully I can get myself cooled down before he gets here otherwise I will overheat during therapy and that would be the end to my day.

Such a crazy thing that could happen so fast and I certainly don’t get any warning. I wasn’t doing today anything different than every other day of the week. Something just triggered for me to get hot. The sweat starts to try to cool me off as the body intends it to do just I have no reason to get hot and sweaty. It is like a hot flash I guess and I’m the right age for them. However these situations where I overheat out of nowhere have been happening for so many years I lost count. I use to make the joke about hot flashes that my body with just spontaneously combust by the time they come around. I always warn people dress warmly for my house, I definitely keep it cooler than the average person.

However last night I went the other way. I got a chill. Sometimes getting a chill could be just as difficult for me to deal with as these hot spells. The chills happen less frequently but they do happen and if they get bad, I can only get in a shower to alleviate the feeling. The chills always start in my hands or feet. If I could get them warmed up, I’m ok, if not, it would spread where I’d literally feel chilled to the bone. This feeling goes all the way back to my Betaseron days. I had so many nights where I’d wake up at two in the morning with such chills that I could only get up and shower to try to warm my body up. I’d end up going back to sleep and so many layers that I’d be sweating everywhere the next time I woke up. Very vicious cycle because I always overheated myself in the shower and then bundling up but i couldn’t get the cold shivers out. It was horrible. Thankfully that doesn’t happen with my new meds however I can still get that chill if my extremities aren’t covered right. I wear socks year round.

Thankfully I was able to cool down by the time the therapist got here. I had a solid workout and today marked the end of occupational therapy for 2020. Up next is physical therapy ?. I am now going to rest again before my aide comes because I need to cook today. Some tofu and veggies dishes are on the menu for the week. Hoping I can stay in a normal temperature range lol. Happy Monday. 

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  1. Glad to hear everything finally worked out for you. People often say to me, “Oh yes, I and heat sensitive too” Bless their souls, they just don’t get it! a 1-2 degree rise in temperature can run my whole day.
    I am also amazed, not really, at my MS where they keep the waiting room very warm. don’t they realize those of us with MS waiting to be seen by their doctor’s are extremely heat sensitive?

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