Bedtime companions

Bedtime companions

I dozed off in my comfy chair last night and was far too tired and comfortable to move into my bed. As long as my dogs and my humpty are with me, I’m good. Yes, i still sleep with a doll at 48 years old.

My human have been with me since I was a baby. They have gone through sleep away camp, college, a marriage, a long term relationship, and the breakups of both. My humpties have been my security for my entire life. I don’t sleep without them. However, now I sleep with one at a time. I have 6 on my bed. They are all knock-off’s of the original Plakie Cumfy Dumfy that started my obsession as an infant. Each night I sleep with one and they are on rotation. However yesterday, Charlie was out in the living room with me because, in truth, I slept on my chair the night before. I wasn’t feeling that great and I never put her back in my room. Once she was with me, falling asleep in my chair again was easy.

I slept really well. It is very comfortable out in the living room. To be very honest, I think sometimes the amount of energy it takes to get up and maneuver myself into my bed is overwhelming. If my legs are tired it is a difficult task. It is the fact that my humpties are in the bedroom that I make the effort. Otherwise I have to make the conscious decision to get humpty and bring her to the comfy chair with me to sleep. I had done that Sunday night. I’ve was just too exhausted to deal with trying to get in my bed so I took my humpty and got comfy on the chair. I find it has become a very easy option. One that I can easily get use too. My chair, my humpty and my dogs. I’m good.

I love my bed too. I always knew eventually I would have to figure out an alternative with getting in and out of my bed. I just think that day is coming quicker than I thought. I still sleep in my room 95.% of the time but I’m certainly realizing how much easier it is in my chair. I don’t know the answer yet but it is another thing on my list. For now I’m grateful for such a comfy alternative on those bad days and my bedtime companions.

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