Hair through the years

Hair through the years

My screensaver for my fire cube is pictures. It mixes up pictures that are on both mine and my daughter’s phone. The pictures are random on some type of rotation but after a few months, you’ve seen them all. It doesn’t show every picture we have but once in a while a rare one will appear. It never fails, no matter how many times I’ve seen some of these pictures, I still watch the slideshow.

I have had many looks over the years. I was always one to either change my cut or color. Some were better than others. Today’s style is the most “normal” I’ve been in 20 years. Choosing to keep my hair a simple brown with a simple cut. That’s highly due to my inability to handle doing my hair anymore. Thank you MS. I need things simpler. I loved being different and my hair was the way I showed that. Thought I’d give some examples of me through the years.

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  1. Great photos, beautiful woman, I’m going with the the red hair as my favorite. Im ok with my MS, it is just hard for me to see others having to deal and live with MS – Best to you always!

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