I voted

I voted

Can we talk about anything but the election? No matter who you voted for, this is a very close race. I don’t like politics, I never did. I actually remained ignorant on the topic for a very long time. I voted only for a presidential candidate based on one issue that I still 100% stand behind. I am not going disclose my issue, or my stand on the issue, because my blog is not about my views on hot topics in the political world. However waking up this morning and seeing the map of the United States it shows how divided we still are as a nation. The people that support Trump have just as strong as a conviction as those that are against him. I participated in a conversation yesterday with someone that was so set in their belief they didn’t even stop to come up for air to read the room He didn’t realize the people he was preaching too were on the opposing side. Thankfully we were able to steer the conversation to another topic. However, even I looked at him slightly different in that moment. Someone I genuinely like, disappointed me in that moment. That’s what has happened to our country, we’ve become so divided and angry. So many people have become angry. Whom ever becomes the next President I just hope that we can learn to be unified again. I hope the anger can go away and the people in the United States can stop placing blame on the political parties. Republicans blaming Democrats Democrats blaming Republicans, it’s just so ridiculous already.  truthfully I’d like to see us get rid of both parties altogether, but that’s just me. I just vote for a happy peaceful world.

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