Physical therapy 1st appointment

Physical therapy 1st appointment

I can’t say enough good things about this guy. He is just a person size package of warmth and healing. It is nice to be the only one the therapist is focused on during an hour session as well. Even though my occupational therapist was from the same company, he was no where near the caliber of my physical therapist. My hour session were never an hour more like 30-40 minutes at best. I wasn’t complaining. He was more like a personal trainer. We did resistance band exercises every time he was here. Maybe a few sit to stands and wall push-ups. Once a month I used the therapy putty. Never did we do any fine motor skills as occupational therapy is supposed to work on. I didn’t say anything or care because I liked doing the resistance band work. I liked working out in a different way that I couldn’t do if he wasn’t here. However did my functionality change at all with occupational therapy, NO. That was the unfortunate result.

Then here comes this physical therapist. I was nervous to start PT because sometimes the exercises given are not only difficult but I never understood the point behind them. I workout everyday as well so I hate when PT would overlap my own workouts. I wanted to do things I couldn’t do by myself yet serve a purpose. For me flexibility was high on that list.

Here he comes after the first initial meeting and he takes me directly to lay down on the bed to stretch. New physical therapistNot only that but he watched how I got on the bed and made adjustments or comments accordingly. He even helped me use my new Rigid leg lifter to assist my legs up. He then stretched my legs. First time someone stretch my body in a long time. He worked on my body for at least 50 minutes. I felt so much better when I stood up. Then we walked with my rollator. 2:00 in the afternoon and once again I was completely upright and my feet were lifting. I felt so much better. It had been so long and every part of my body was so tight. What a difference.

It’s what I needed for so long and he listened. It was more than he listened, he understood and felt it in my muscles as well. He’s been in this industry a long time and he understands MS. My OT guy is very young, very nice, but very young. I know PT won’t always be so easy. I know my new therapist certainly understands my disease. This is the first time I’m not dreading my next PT appointment.

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