Turning 49 in November

Turning 49 in November

Happy Monday once again. These weeks come so fast. Can’t believe it’s November already. I turned 49 in a couple of weeks. Oh joy. I’m looking at pictures that are flashing on my fire stick and my mother was my age. My daughter, who is now 21, is only four years off from when I got married. Six years off from when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Seven years off from when I was pregnant with her. If that doesn’t put time into perspective, I don’t know what does.

49 years old, the number doesn’t bother me, it is how fast it got here. I think back to high school or college and it seems so long ago but I remember everything so vividly. I have a terrific memory, at least so far. I can remember the smallest details about the simplest of memories. Like dancing outside the benches of the SH bunks with my friend Hindi at the age of 15 to Depeche Mode’s Master and Servant. This was our summer camp where we met. I believe we were both smoking a cigarette. We were allowed back then but only by the benches. I have been friends with her all these years.

Even in college my sorority sisters Wendy always backed into spots because she felt it was safer to pull out after. Do you know I taught that to my daughter when she learned to drive. She still does it on certain situations.

I can’t believe I’m 49. I sometimes feel like I missed something and I second guess myself. I have 49 years of so many laughs,tears, joys and gifts I could be nothing but grateful. I have also my challenges that I see a more difficult future with but I think it will just make the next 49 years a stronger more determined person. I don’t think I expected to be here at 49 but then I look at all the pictures on my Firestick and realize this is a pretty great place to be.

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