New purchases to help and aid

New purchases to help and aid

I figured something out once again out of dumb luck. Yesterday morning when I was getting out of bed, I actually had a slide onto the floor. When I wake up sometimes I have major spasms and my legs just don’t bend the right way. Yesterday was one of those days. Sometimes I’m able to get myself up without needing to actually bend my legs, however yesterday I wasn’t so lucky.

It was first thing in the morning too and I’m usually at my strongest, but I couldn’t get myself up. I was on my knees right at the foot of my wheelchair trying to get my other leg in the right position to use it to push myself up. It wasn’t working. Right behind me was my step stool I use to get myself onto my bed. I was easily able to get my butt on the stool. Now I’m not on the floor anymore. I am seated with my feet in front of me in a completely different position. Easier position to try to figure out how to get myself up. I was able to grab my wheelchair and pull myself up. Might not work if I’m exhausted but it definitely had me in a better position than being on the floor. I immediately went onto amazon and purchased a second stool for my living room.  

I also purchased a leg lifter that was recommended by my new therapist  .

An inexpensive item that can help lift my legs when they are in the useless mode later in the evening. 

I just wanted to share along the information because sometimes we need to think outside the box to remain upright inside the box. 

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. 

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