Awake way to early

Awake way to early

It’s 9am and I’ve already showered, worked out for 54 minutes, took care of my dogs and spoke with my mom. I’ve been up since roughly 6 when my right foot started twitching.

Even though this video was taken when I was awake and in my chair, it is exactly what happens anytime and anyplace my leg twitches. Now you tell me, could you sleep through that? After the first 5-10 times it actually starts to hurt almost. My foot tenses so hard so fast it actually cramps. Sleeping was no longer an option at that point. Once I’m up and blood is running through my legs the twitching goes away but my leg still feels like it has a cramp.

I had a good workout but I broke one of my resistance bands. I knew I needed to get a heavier band anyway. I was needing to pull to much on the band which is why it broke. This was the black band.

Not a light band by any means. I ordered the silver and gold ones. However if I do ANYTHING that involves an overhead extension or shoulder press, I am all the way down at a green band. On my left side, even this sometimes proves to be too difficult. It is amazing how weak the left shoulder has become.

My head has a ting of a headache coming on and my ears are ringing. I’ve noticed the ringing in my ears more often now. I mentioned that to my neurologist he didn’t seem surprised. I know my MRI didn’t show anything new regarding that. I have a virtual appointment with the MS specialist in 2 weeks I’ll see her thoughts then.

Sorry about the random thoughts in tbis blog, I think I’m sleepy still. Happy Thursday to everyone.

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