Celebrating with love

Celebrating with love

Yesterday started the November/December celebrations

Although now that my sister is in the process of adopting twin girls, we may need to push this start date to October 27th for their birthday. I always felt slightly bad for my older sister in these two months because she really gets slammed. I at least have some reprieve in the middle. I say this because this is what happens starting November 5th.

  1. Beginning of November is my stepdad’s birthday
  2. Middle of November is my mom’s birthday
  3. Followed 3 days later by my birthday. ***side note the three of us all share the big birthdays as well. My stepdad being 20 years older than me and my mom being 25 years older. So next year when my stepdad turns 70, my mom is turning 75 and I’ll be 50.
  4. Beginning of December is my stepmom’s birthday
  5. Middle of December is my mom and stepdad’s anniversary
  6. Followed a few days later by my dad and stepmom’s anniversary
  7. Ending with my dads birthday

And in the middle is still Hanukkah/Christmas depending what we are gifting that year.

That is a long stretch of celebrations. Thankfully I do get my own birthday in the middle to come up for air. My poor sister is now adding her girls to this extensive list, right at the start.

I guess this is why this is always my favorite time of year. Birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and even Christmas I love the idea of family, gift giving and love. For anyone having a celebration coming up, I hope you have a circle of love around you on your special day.

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