My daughter is positive for Covid

My daughter is positive for Covid

My daughter came home late Sunday night. She was going to stay home for a few days because she had a small break from work. Her classes for the beginning of the week are online. She hasn’t been home since the middle of January and we missed her. I’ve been vaccinated and I gave her kisses and hugs. In all honesty, I hugged and kissed her before I was vaccinated too. A year is a longtime to not hug and kiss your daughter.

She received a call from her boyfriend on Monday that he was around one of his fraternity brothers that tested positive for Covid. This was at a frat meeting on Sunday AFTER she left him. Yesterday he told her she needed to get tested because a bunch of the brothers,who are also his housemates, tested positive. I only knew about the first mention of brother at his meeting with Covid. I didn’t know anything else.

Monday night my daughter had dinner with my moms and stepdad. Tuesday morning my mom was at my condo and hugged and kissed my daughter goodbye. My daughter kissed me before she went out with her friend. The next thing is I get a call she is waiting for her rapid test results. I didn’t even know she was going. The next call is her hysterical, the test was positive.

We decided to have her quarantine up at school. She has her own bathroom there and her roommate could go elsewhere. We just found out her boyfriend’s test came back negative. She is scheduled to take another test today that isn’t a rapid test. We are hopeful for a false negative.

Thankfully we’ve been vaccinated. However I wasn’t at the two week mark of my second shot so I still have to quarantine also. I’ve canceled my busy week to get rescheduled I have no idea when. My daughter feels fine so far I’m sad how I sent away my child that may or may not get sick. My daughter faced some backlash because she hasn’t been perfectly careful through this pandemic and now she’s positive. She didn’t know before she came home and in contact with the family. I knew if she ever tested positive there would be some sort argument to her carelessness. I’m her mom and although I may agree with the argument, I am still worried about my kid. This entire episode has completely unglued me.

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