Time flies by

Time flies by

March is a busy month for me starting right out of the gate. I have plans to see people this morning, this evening, tomorrow and Friday. I love having a social life but it always seems to fall into the same week.

I have my long hair appointment this week, Cut and color. I never miss my color but haven’t done a cut in a while. Letting my hair grow out some but it now has no style. No matter what this appointment is always a couple of hours. I go with my mom and we take up the night on my hairdressers’ books but she isn’t the fastest worker. I may start at 3pm but I won’t be home until at least 6. That’s a long night.

Friday my delivery for my Rituxan infusion is coming. I told them my infusion was scheduled for March 12 but it’s really for the 17th. I wanted to have plenty of time to correct anything that was wrong with the delivery. Unfortunately, my infusion company was merged with CVS specialty pharmacy back in September and my infusion was a mess. This time I am not hopeful that they fixed the errors. The customer service people all seemed lost. I’m willing to guess I will need to spend more countless hours calling them.

I have an appointment at the Née York State Department of Motor Vehicles to get the handicap license plates. That is on the 11th of March the same day my registration expires on my car. I have no idea how this works and you can’t talk to anyone so I’m hoping it goes smoothly. I have all my required documents filed out from my doctor so I’m hopeful.

Infusion is on the 17th and that usually knocks me put for a few weeks. That should take me through the end of the month.

March will go by fast and it will be another month down. One step closer to my daughter graduating from college. That thought still blows me away. Time is moving very fast.

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