Video blogging and podcasts

Video blogging and podcasts

I wanted to share this morning was a link to the MS gym podcast. or for Apple The topic was

They have various topics all relating to many obstacles and challenges we face. I highly recommend you check this out. I sometimes wonder if my blog should be a video on YouTube as opposed to the written word. In a video you’d see my real video personality and emotions. I think at some point even writing with Siri dictation will become too hard. There are a lot of MS blogs even more podcasts and videos. Plus I hate being on camera, I don’t think it would be my comfort medium. My sister, who is a kid’s yoga music and movement teacher, she’s on YouTube with a channel and close to 400 thousand subscribers That’s crazy to me. Ok it’s completely different audience but still impressive and I got to give my sister a nice little shout out here.

I don’t know if I’ll ever move to the video phase but I’m certainly thankful for the ones who have. They bring a more conversational approach to topics that blogging certainly can’t do. My Minx has been worked up from a truck outside and has been barking the entire time I’ve written this blog. I’m sure everyone who reads this is glad it wasn’t a video. I am now going to give him some attention before I loose my own marbles.

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