Graduation present cashed in

Graduation present cashed in

Mikayla, my beautiful daughter, graduated back in May. Of course I shared that blog with you. It was a really exciting weekend. She got a lot of gifts for her graduation. My gift was to be when she was ready. I gave her the gift of paying for her next tattoo. She has been wanting another one for so long and I knew it was a really good gift to give.

Currently she has this very large flowers arrangement on her back that she did when she turned 18 and we have a matching tattoo on our wrist.

I think she mentioned the gift once all summer unit the past week.She wanted her dogs somehow, I think she is starting to realize she really is moving away. She finally decided she wanted to put Zoey’s paw print in a tattoo. That very moment I opened Facebook and I had this picture on my screen

I wanted to get a tiny frenchie tattoo also. We decided we’d get another matching tattoo together.

So here we are at the tattoo parlor.

Mikayla has the copy of Zoey’s paw print she made by painting her paw. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do the tiny tattoo on the thumb. There were reasons and I wasn’t going to dispute with them. They did find this adorable frenchie that just was sitting the way our Zoey sits with its leg out to the side and head cocked over. Mikayla and I loved it instantly. That was going to be our matching tattoo but we chose different spots.

Zoey’s paw print

It took a long time but I got to spend the afternoon with my beautiful daughter. She will look down at the tattoos and think of Zoey, mom and home. I couldn’t have given a better gift.

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