My beautiful girl moving this week

My beautiful girl moving this week

This was a beautiful weekend. I love the smell of the air with all the windows open. I had a perfect weekend. It didn’t involve much of anything but it just felt relaxing. No falls, no drama, no frustration and no aggravation. It was just nice. I like the quiet and lately I’ve needed the downtime. I had a beautiful view.

I had my favorite companions.

It was a good weekend.

My daughter is moving in 4 days. She is moving to another state over 6 hours away. It seems so far but when I think about it, but I went to college in New York State that was still 6 hours from home. She’s been very busy packing and trying to see all her friends before she goes. This weekend she was away for the night at her girlfriend’s house. She’s been extremely helpful to me lately. Before she left she hung up my picture I put together of more Humpty Dumpty stuff.

Like her being able to look down and see the tattoo that we did together last week,

I will be able to look at this picture and think of her. That’s because this is the second frame I had to purchase for my picture. The first one was a little smaller. I had it all set up but wanted to add a white background to the frame. Shouldn’t have been difficult. Open the back, and put in white paper, close back again. My little charmer couldn’t get the back closed. The positioning of the items were all wrong and the entire thing ended up in pieces. I finally bought a bigger frame. Even then we set it up but she had things laid out wrong so many times. It is still slightly wrong but it finally made it to the wall. It just made me laugh. I will always look at this picture and love it because of the humpties and because it also has the spastic way of my daughter. I’m going to miss her.

She has really grown up. I am so proud of her. I am trying not to be overly sentimental about her move especially since I know she’ll be home in a month. It is no different than when she left for college yet somehow you know it is. I love my baby girl. I raised her to be independent and have her own life. She has come so far, she is amazing and her boyfriend is very lucky. I love you Mikayla x

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