Could Diet and Holistic Medication Cure MS?

Could Diet and Holistic Medication Cure MS?

Hello, yes, I’m still here. I’m actually doing ok. Nothing has changed. I’m still dealing with UTIs and GI issues but they’ve been improving. I have season 2 of Alone playing in the background. The episode I am on has 4 people left. One of the participants is a woman with multiple sclerosis. I didn’t start watching because of this woman, just dumb luck. Anyway she is 45. She said 15 years ago she couldn’t walk, was on all this medication and decided that this doesn’t work for her. She became a naturalist and used herbs and tincture to cure herself. I always have issues with people like this for two reasons, 1) I wish I did it when I first got diagnosed 2) would it be that way for everyone? Just like everyone has a different path with MS, would a path of holistic healing be just as experimental? I always wonder if it works for everyone. There are never any definitive answers on diet or vitamins with MS except maybe vitamin D. Granted big Pharma would never want studies done on things that wouldn’t make them money but still, I don’t know if I buy it. Diet, herbal medicine curing MS. Terry Wahls made her career saying that it does. Everything I’ve read said there is no link to diet. I don’t know anything about herbal medications. I’d think if something really worked we’d all know. It always makes me wonder if I started something when I was first diagnosed would I be in a better condition today. Of course this is another unknown that will never be answered. I can’t stay with a thought like this for too long. I know it would probably not do much to help me now. Meanwhile this rockstar lady is on Alone. I wouldn’t have lasted a day with or without MS. I hope she wins.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of those what if’s myself. I’m not on anything now, maybe I could get Medicare to reimburse me for the money I’m not costing them. ????

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