Sometimes the dots don’t connect

Sometimes the dots don’t connect

Well you can get Covid even after you’ve been fully vaccinated. My poor sister has been feeling awful this past week. She tested positive for covid. Like so many people, me included, we’ve gotten a little lax with the mask. I don’t think the vaccinations are lasting as long as they originally thought they would. I got my booster already and I would prefer not to be doing that every few months. I do think that the vaccine need more research , history and time. Thankfully my sister is feeling a little better today and no one else got sick. However, I think mask and Booster shots will be the new normal.

I got a call from my pharmacy about Kesimpta. It is a good thing they touched base. I had misunderstood the front dosing and would have incorrectly skipped the wrong week. I thought you injected week one, two and four. Skipping that week in between. That would have been this week. It turns out the shots are to be taken each of the first 3 weeks. The 4th fourth week is skipped. The next shot starts the once every 4 week schedule. I did double check that it was a 4 week schedule not a once a month schedule. That means about 2 times a year I will end up having the do a shot 2 times in a month. Oh well. The only issue I’ve had with the shot is I am a little tired the next day. Not too tired to function but more tired than my typical. I can live with that.

I traded in my Apple Watch series 5 for the series 6. I was waiting to find out about the series 7 watch and really didn’t think it offered much that I needed to wait. I did decide to get the cellular service this time. It is rare but sometimes my phone is out of range for my watch. The purpose is that I will always be able to make a call no matter where I am regardless where my phone is located. However, I must say I took a fall yesterday, not one of my slips, an actual fall. Like my series 5 watch, the fall detection didn’t register. That wasn’t very comforting. So much for that feature on the watch. How hard does a person need to fall for the watch to track it? Geez. I wasn’t hurt but still, it would be nice if that feature would work. I think it has to do with age because it says about elderly people in the description. I don’t know. Well the series 5 didn’t register it either so I wasn’t shocked but it would be a good feature for someone with MS if it worked.

So this blog was a scramble of my thoughts and experiences over the past few days. Hope they made sense even if they didn’t relate to each other. Sometimes my life doesn’t connect all the dots. I’m ok with that. I also can turn my head and focus on the water and disregard dots altogether.

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