Cleaning up my happy place

Cleaning up my happy place

I’ve been fixing my bedroom this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend to clean. I was able to open my windows and let the fresh air in. I love that. I even had my wheelchair raised as I worked out in the morning so I could view the water.

I even tried to hang out in the other side of my bed on Saturday. I was hoping I could view the water while I was in my room, watching TV. I was able to see the water when I had the bed in such a high back position that was never going to be comfortable. Therefore, my water view from my bedroom is limited to my morning workouts.

It was this or I’d have to reconfigure my entire room which really wouldn’t give me a good view. However, there were other things I wanted to accomplish to clean up my space.

First thing I did is move some of my stray Humpty Dumpty dolls into the cabinet with my other ones. By doing this I was also able to clean up my little humpties. Now the whole area by my TV is much neater. I can even see my little humpties smiling faces so much better. They are not smushed in the boxes. I still need to fix the Picture above them. It is certainly not centered. It also is actually not finished either. It annoys me the way the card is crooked. The whole thing in relation to the TV and boxes is all askew. I don’t need things in perfect alignment but this is way off. It has always annoyed me. I didn’t get to the picture part yet but I did a lot.

My main thing was to get rid of my computer desk. I bought this from Walmart years ago. It was cheap. It served its purpose. It was time to get rid of it. It became a place to just place anything and everything upon.

This picture was after I cleaned it the last time. I finally put everything where it should go. I got everything cleaned of the cheap, lopsided, and cluttered desk. The piece made its way down to the dumpster, thanks to my aide. The printer will be relocated to my daughter’s room.

Eventually I thought I’d move my second chair in the living room to this spot.

Second lounge chair while it was on balcony

Right now the aides favor this chair. My comfy chair waits for me. I don’t want to take away the chair they all seem to gravitate too. So for now it will stay in my living room.

I even was able to get my closet straightened out. At least to the point I can get in there again. I need to go through the clothes in there, long over do. That is saved for another day. On that day I also have put on my list to clean out the draws in my nightstands. I keep throwing things in these draws and they’ve become so unorganized. However, I’m out of steam. Amazing since I was really supervising and my aide was really doing. It was being in my wheelchair for 2+ hours just did me in. I’m am extremely happy with the results. My happy place is less cluttered and more happy. Little sections at a time.

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