That’s a lot of Empty Space

That’s a lot of Empty Space

I had my first big outing yesterday. I went with my stepdad to take Zoey to the vet. I wasn’t driving but I’ve been a passenger many times while he drives. I even went into the vet with Zoey. I saw people other than my family and close friends. That was a big deal. Thankfully Zoey is doing better. She will be on gabapentin for an extended period of time, possibly her life. I told her I have gabapentin on hand but not that much. I guess I’ll be filling a monthly prescription for my Zoey too. What was really unexpected is when I got home, I got a call from the vet regarding some other issue. Prior to hanging up she told me that Dr. Marghoob, my vet, thinks I’m so inspiring. She added actually all of us in the office do. That was so nice. I was so proud of myself for getting out of the house. That was enough for me. I certainly didn’t expect a compliment from anyone, although it was so touching.

I got home and still had to do my workout. I got myself all ready, turned on my music, and queued up YouTube. I did a good workout. I was dripping wet by the end. To me, this is a sign of a really good workout. I knew I didn’t have much else going on for the day so why not push really hard. Recovery takes a longer time then it use to these days. I laid in my bed a good hour before I even attempted to move. When I say move, I mean calling my aide in to change me. I have to rollover with considerable help from the aide and that takes considerable effort. Such a simple move and it is so difficult. Not just an hour after a workout but as each hour of the day goes by. Sometimes by the evening, it is the most difficult thing for me to do, regardless of the push of my aide. It is exhausting. I can’t rollover very well. When people ask me about moving in my bed while I sleep, I don’t!!!! I can’t!!!! I lay on my back and the only thing that moves is my head. I might turn to the left or right. I take up on little side/space of my king size bed.

There is plenty of room next to me. I’m not inviting anyone unless they have 4 paws and a smushy face. Although, my two little fur balls normally don’t utilize the available room. They prefer the close encounter.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. I am happy to say I didn’t do much of anything. It is all good. I have physical therapy later today. I have a goal to walk my hallway from the end back to my door. It is a tough goal but attainable. Wish me luck. Happy Wednesday.

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