Nostalgic Candy

Nostalgic Candy

Out of nowhere I thought about cookies my dad use to eat when I was younger. I couldn’t for the life of me remember their name. I knew they weren’t made anymore. When I tried looking it up on the internet, I came up with every peanut butter cookie that exists but not the one he use to eat. The name of the cookies he ate, which were so freaking good, I drew a complete blank. It was annoying me for hours. I tried to write my younger sister but she never answered me. I was on the phone with my dad and he had no clue either. Then it just sprang into my head….IDEAL.

So good those cookies. Kind of like a thick peanut butter Twix bar. However, if I remember correctly, these were more cookie like than candy bar. Maybe just less sweet. Why they even came to mind. I don’t know. Strange things come to your mind for no reason at all.

Well after this I started thinking of other things that we ate that aren’t around anymore. I remember years ago I made my friend a box filled with candy from when we were young. Things that we would find in our local store that sold candy. I had to find some of the items on the internet because they weren’t found in stores anymore. Although I did find a store that carried some . I filled the box with candy cigarettes, wax bottles, Chinese gum, BB bats, laffy taffy and bottle caps and tons more. Remember any of that???? Now you can buy a box on Amazon with all that fun stuff.

I’ve been looking for Chocolate Babies for a long time. These were like little individual chocolate tootsie rolls. That is the best way I can to describe them. I’ve seen these places where you can buy bulk chocolate babies but I don’t know they are the same. Plus they are crazy expensive so I’m not wasting my money to check it out. Anyway they are the nostalgic candy from my young days.

I loved sugar babies and sugar daddy lollipops. Those I could find. I also was a huge fan of razzles. Can’t remember the last time I ate those. They can also be found if I ever have a huge desire.

I loved candy. Actually I should say I love candy. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. That’s why I always struggled with my weight. However, candy is fun, in moderation of course. It was a simpler time then. I use to take a dollar and buy a bunch of different 5-10 cent candy. It was fun and yum. Candy just makes you feel young and innocent. I think that’s definitely that is part of the draw, and the sugar high. What was your favorite????

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  1. I was and still am a sucker for the hard candies! I try to limit my sugar since my diagnosis, but allow myself to splurge on road trips – Bottlecaps, Nerds, Spree, Sweettarts – love ’em all!!

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