My Full Time Job

My Full Time Job

Another week begins…truthfully they all blend these days so I shouldn’t say a word. It isn’t like I’m starting a work week. The one thing Monday brings is the list of phone calls I need to make. I find it amazing that I always have to take care of something. It is either insurance stuff, doctor appointments or calling people that didn’t return my call from the following week. It might not pay but somedays it’s a full time job. So on my list today are three things, my case manager, my gastroenterologist office and the exterminator.

Let’s start with the exterminator. My last bedbug bites happened 2 weeks ago when I woke up Sunday morning. My aide killed at least two and saw a few babies. I finally decided I was done. I purchased a new foundation for my bed. I had the room, especially the foundation, treated 3 times. They were obviously surviving the chemical treatment. My aide helped me wrap the corners, as best we could, to avoid them biting me. The new foundation arrived four days later. I even had the bedroom carpet steamed cleaned the following day. I was celebrating, no bites. No creepy crawly going to sleep at night. First time I felt this way in over a month.

Then I scratched yesterday. It was already dark and I couldn’t really see. Immediately your mind goes to the bedbugs. I thought I felt something on my back too. I then had the creepy crawly feeling back. I sat with my flashlight looking at anything that felt funny. Scanning my bed, cover, mattress and pillow. Then I scratched a spot on my arm. This spot I could see. There it was…a red bite mark.

I honestly was just close to losing my marbles at this point. I did everything right. I washed everything I owned numerous times. I spent a fortune. You have got to be kidding me!!!! I don’t what else to do. They say the surest way to rid yourself of bedbugs is to heat an area to 115 degrees for 90 minutes. The exterminators wanted three to $4000 per room. My condo has 3 main rooms. I would never NOT treat my whole house. I truthfully have spent that money with the new foundation. To spend another 3-4k on top of that, there is no way. I’m calling the exterminator once again. Then I’m looking into renting the heaters because they do offer them somewhere. However, when I woke up there was no mark on my back or shoulder as I originally thought last night. I did have that one on my arm as pictured but maybe just maybe, it really is just some bug bite not a bedbug.

Next call is to my gastroenterologist office. I did speak to my doctor on Friday and he wants to do a repeat stool sample and bloodworms. The reason for the repeat is because I had the adenovirus positive and that should be gone. I had elevated white blood cell count. He suspected this was because of the adenovirus so he wants to verify these change as well. Finally and most importantly, my pancreas digestive enzymes were low. If any urine or water gets into the stool sample, this could lead to a false result. Instead of worrying about it, and what it could mean, I’m gonna go with the impression that it really could be a false negative. His reasoning behind this made sense. It happens more with someone wearing a pull-up that urine could contaminate the sample. He was having his office call me to get the tests.

The lady that called was so rude. She told me I could either pick up the scripts for the test or she could mail them. I said I’m home bound, I have a lab that comes to me, can you call them. Her reply was that isn’t my job. Geez!!! I said they did it last time but she didn’t care. I called the lab myself. They said just have them fax over the scripts, we have the information. I called the doctor’s office again, spoke with someone else, gave my labs fax number. They would’ve called me for the appointment almost immediately so I know it wasn’t done That is why they need to be on my list to call today.

Finally my lovely case manager. I text her a simple question, I have to make doctors appointments and schedule transportation, what do I do? That was Wednesday. Nothing, not a word back. I did contact someone about taking over my case but they never responded. I know that aspect needs to still be added to the list.

That’s my day. It might be quick calls. I might have to make numerous calls. I am willing to bet that there will be a level of aggravation with 1 or all 3. That is my day. That is why calls become my full time job.

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  1. Oh, wow! That’s a full day’s worth of work! The thought of dealing with bad bugs terrifies me. Good luck !

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