Barkbox Customer Service Excellence

Barkbox Customer Service Excellence

Some people say that the way to their heart is through their stomach, mine is through my dogs. Shocking, I know. When I got home from the hospital, my cousins all chipped in and got me a subscription to Barkbox for 3 months. Great gift!!! I loved giving the toys to the puppies. They would be so excited each time the box came. I wasn’t thrilled with the treats because both my dogs have a sensitive stomach. The one treat I gave them caused diarrhea for a few days. I gave the remainder of the bags away to my sister for her pups. I loved the toys though and more so the quality of the toys. The toys that I got in that first box in March are still around and played with without any rips or tears. I canceled the membership when the gift subscription ended but I started buying toys from Barkbox on a monthly basis.

I got an email the other day that if I renewed I could get an extra toy each month. I have already been paying the subscription cost in toys each month buying toys, why not. I don’t know what made me write to customer service but I did. I was asking about the treats because my pups stomach is sensitive. I was hoping that maybe they could give treats that are simpler maybe. Well, it turns out that they actually were able to replace the treats with an additional toy. They customize my box according to what my dogs like. They even explained that the boxes for September and October would be too late to fix, based on my timing of joining the club. They were going to send out replacement toys separately. I can give the treats to other puppy owners. I didn’t even ask for this. They offered because making the dogs happy was their main goal. It just felt so genuine and this came through on a chat conversation. I think it was the nicest customer service team I ever talked too. I really felt like they cared what worked out better for me and especially my dogs. Like I said, the way to my heart.

I had to write about them today because they really deserved to be acknowledged. I was so touched by their care, I sent a picture of my pups at the end of the chat to say thank you. The guy even asked which one was Minx and which was Zoey. He wanted my authorization to share the picture with other people in his department. He was so happy to see the picture of my dogs. He wanted to share how cute they were. Hello, like aren’t they the cutest?

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      1. I totally agree, I was brutally accosted by a family member over a blog I wrote when my father died. Not physically but emotionally. I am sure that’s what expedited me into a wheelchair.

        1. That’s terrible!!!! I know that stress has always been a factor for me with relapses. I am even more positive it effects me further with secondary MS. I am so sorry people feel that they have a right to put anyone down for expressing a feeling in a blog post. I’ve had moments with family as well.

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